“For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ,” -Philippians 3:20

  • The status of a citizen with rights and duties.
  • A person who legally belongs to a country and has the right and protection of that country.
  • One entitled to the right and privileges of a freeman.

How can I acquire “heavenly” citizenship? God made it possible through Jesus to be fully qualified and meet all the requirements of becoming citizen of the kingdom of heaven. What does the bible say?

  • Parents are citizens: “right of blood”, parent, ancestry, ethnicity
  • Born within a country: “right of soil”; What kind of birth?
    • In order for us to see the kingdom of God we must be born again of the Spirit: John 3:1-8
  • Marriage to a citizen: The bible says that we are espoused to one husband. Who is the husband? Who is the bride?
  • Naturalization – subject to conditions like passing a test demonstrating reasonable knowledge of the language or way of life of the host country, good conduct (no serious criminal record), swearing allegiance to their new state or its ruler, and renouncing their prior citizenship.
  • Excluded categories – In the past there have been exclusions on the entitlement of citizenship on grounds such as skin color, ethnicity, sex, and free status. Most of these exclusions no longer apply in most places.

How should we live & conduct ourselves here on earth while we anxiously await to live in our Heavenly Kingdom? 1 Peter 2:9-18

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